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We provide financial support for free software that we use frequently. In this way, we can help to ensure that the development and maintenance of free software remains guaranteed and that the software continues to meet our needs and is improved.


Following the City Council resolution 'Strategy for the financing of open source libraries and software used by the city' of 15 November 2023.

Criteria for potential sponsorship:

  • the software is under a free licence.
  • the software is used in the City of Munich.
    • Frequency of use
    • Impact
    • Security
  • Many free software projects are often based on commercial business models, such as open core, support or SaaS. Therefore, the software project must want to accept donations in the first place.

Honorary Patron

Since the OSPO does not know all software and especially the importance for the LHM (use, relevance for security or stability), each sponsorship should have an internal honorary patron. This honorary patron should use the tool heavily or be its service owner, admin ect.

The sponsoring honorary patron does not have to represent the sponsoring externally, but must be noted internally for enquiry purposes.


Where possible, we use to make our sponsorship payments transparent.